BIG Year Fundraiser (2016)

Final Value of the Big Year Fund: £2100.00

My'BIG' (Birds in Gardens) Year Fundraiser is drawing to a close.

Some people, who might otherwise enjoy birds, are just not in a position to do so. For example, there are many old or infirmed people who would love to get out and about to watch birds, but just can't on their own. My aim was to bring birds to them, through the creation of local bird gardens.

My target was to raise enough money in 2016 to create 3 bird gardens in residential homes and this has been achieved thanks to the support of lots of people.

Thank you for you support!

The 200 hundred bird species target was surpassed with 236 species being photographed.

All pledges and donations to date are recorded below.

Thank you!


Residents at Avon Court enjoying their bird garden.

Residents at Avon Court enjoying their bird garden.

Donations made so far to the BIG Year Fund:

PDT - £1000

Shaun Jefferies - £50

Flo Gower - £100

Jacqui Downes - £46

Chris Simpkins - £100

Annabel Daldry - £11.50

Vanda Nunn - £57.00

Chris Nunn - £57.00

Steve Birt - £30.00

Mike Morton - £57.50

Rebecca Risby - £11.50

Lydia England - £11.50

Jackie and Steve Pennington - £100

Molly Gower - £20.00

Tarnia Gower - £50.00

Pete Blanchard - £155.00

Des and Mavis Gower - £100

Angela Brown - £100