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Born in 1959, I grew up in semi-rural locations in Surrey and Gloucestershire. From an early age, I developed a keen interest in bird-spotting.

During a working career that has spanned 35 years, I have been a Physical Education Teacher, Retailer, Financial Consultant, Sales Manager, Training Manager, Business Development Manager and a Training Consultant. Today I am the Managing Director and owner of Performance Development & Training Limited, a training and direct marketing company, based in Wiltshire.

I am the father of six children and I also have 2 step-children. As a family, we are interested in all things nature and nature conservation.

Recently, my wife Tarnia and I made a conscious choice for a more fulfilling and sustainable work-life balance, which has led us to the enthralling, captivating and often frustrating world of birding and bird photography.

My goal is to share my pictures with anyone who would like to take a look. Many of the pictures I have taken can be seen on this site and you’ll be able to find more if you visit my Flickr site: Phil Gower Bird Photography.


Phil Gower - BEd.Hons

Phil Gower - BEd.Hons