Here are some of my more memorable (it doesn't get any more exciting than this) birding experiences.

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4th April 2015 - RSPB Nagshead

It was great to have an opportunity to take the boys Charles (10) and Fin (8) bird watching on an overcast Saturday. Mum and the girls had gone out for the day to celebrate Siana's Birthday with some shopping and dining in Bristol.

RSPB Nagshead is situated in the Forest of Dean, near Parkend. Our target was to find the Hawfinch that had been sighted a few days earlier, but the best laid plans of mice and men....

We did see Song Thrush, Robin, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit.

A bird of prey also burst through the canopy with a Wood Pigeon in it's flew deep into the wood before we could identify it...I'm guessing it was a Goshawk or Sparrowhawk...but alas, we'll never know.

The highlight of the trip was coming face-to-face with a family of Wild Boar. At first we noticed a small animal downwind of us, rooting around in the undergrowth, then another and another. Suddenly, three adult Wild Boar appeared, the largest of which stood and stared at us for a moment. We weren't too sure what to do. Should we turn and scarper or stand our ground? The largest boar made our minds up for us, by quietly leading the drift away, across the track and deep into the forest.

To end our trip, Charlie reached into the pond near the RSPB Visitor Centre, and pulled out a young frog...this made his day!

On the way home, we stopped off at Longwell Green to watch the animated film 'Home'.

A fine day out with the boys!