Here are some of my more memorable (it doesn't get any more exciting than this) birding experiences.

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Trip to Cotswold Water Park - Saturday 5th March 2016

Went to CWP with Tarn, Fin and Charlie. Plenty of flooding around so a day for wellies.

We found a Siberian Warbler and captured some good shots.

We then set off to Pit 28, 29 and 30 to find the Smew that had been spotted the day earlier. We found no sigh of it even after walking a couple of miles and speaking to the birder who had originally reported its presence.

I decided to walk back for the car on my own, which we had parked some distance away from our exit point from the park. On my return, Tarn told me that the "birder" had passed by once again and confirmed that the Smew was now present once more. We made the decision that we did not have the legs to go back, but would save the Smew for our next trip.

We stopped off in Malmesbury on the way home for a well earned hot chocolate! Great trip and Rovers won again!