Here are some of my more memorable (it doesn't get any more exciting than this) birding experiences.

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Weekend in Devon 9th-10th October 2015

My wife and I took advantage of my sister's kind offer to look after the boys at the weekend, to take a trip to Devon. We stayed in a small hotel in the quaint fishing town of Teignmouth and kicked things off, on Friday night, with an excellent meal at the Trade Winds Restaurant. 

The target for the weekend was to find and take a picture of the Cirl Bunting, a bird local to this part of Devon. We were out in the field by 08:30, following a hearty "full-English" and searching RSPB Labrador Bay for our elusive target. What a beautiful location!! Two hours later we found our target. In fact, we found at least a dozen of them. Tarn played the role of "beater" and I laid in wait to take the shot.

Buoyed by our success, we paid a visit to Bowling Green Marshes on our way to visit the boys who were staying with my sister and their second cousins at Rockbeare. It was very quiet at the Marshes, so we continued our journey. We took the boys to Exeter to visit the KFC and watch Transylvania 2...all in all an enjoyable weekend.

Cirl Buntings

Cirl Buntings